EA Sports

Design your team

EA Sports came to us with the first draft of tool they had developed that allowed users to create their own college football teams.

Because it was a first draft, it looked more like Excel than something you would see on a gaming console. So we came up with a new top-level concept & decided that all interactions should be as visual & tactile as possible. With tens of thousands of graphic assets, this was a big effort, but in the end we had a really great solution. When editing a player uniform, users would see the uniform in full detail right in front of them.

Maximum interaction

Clicking any part of it brough up editing options inline, & any changes made were instantly reflected visually. Users could upload their own team logos, & we also included simple editing tools, like automatically removing the background of images.

This is one of my favorite projects because it showed that a complex tool can be made extremely simple, intuitive and playful with the right execution. Getting to that point required a lot of creative problem solving, but it was very much worth it.

Completed: 2009
At: Fi
Role: User experience design & Flash development