Porsche Panamera

A new addition to the family tree

Porsche Panamera
It is a rare occasion that Porsche introduces a brand-new model, so it was exciting to get the opportunity to work with them on this project.

As part of a larger campaign across TV, print & digital, we worked with them to create a highly visual & interactive campaign site. Beautiful full-screen videos & images of the Panamera showcased the car in all it's glory.

Seamless interaction

Users could drag the car across the screen to see it from different angles. Various sections allowed users to interactively explore interior, exterier & tech specs. A lead-gen component collected user information that Porsche used for connecting with potential customers. And beyond the Panamera-specific content, we included a full time-line of all Porsche models from 1940, with videos & images of every company milestone. My favorite section though was the Porsche family tree. This abstract tree was populated with user-submitted stories. Porsche fans are extremely passionate about their cars, and very soon the tree was filled with thousands of stories, images & amp; videos. On a regular basis, Porsche picked the best stories and made them available as an interactive e-book. This was an extremely difficult project because of the tough demands on design & technical execution that arose from this diverse content and interaction models. It was very much worth it though, since the site won several awards, including a Webby, and an FWA.

Completed: 2009
At: Fi
Role: Flash development